Archives Session

Three Presentations:

David Kirsch, Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Fruits of Failure: Preserving the Records of Failed Entrepreneurial Ventures.

This talk will address the challenges and opportunities associated with collecting the records of startup companies. While society has invested considerable resources in the creation of new ventures, these important drivers of economic activity tend not to produce traditional archival footprints. Because a significant fraction of startup ventures fail, we must think about novel approaches to identify and collect the records of failed entrepreneurial ventures.  David’s research interests include industry emergence, technological choice, technological failure, and the role of entrepreneurship in the emergence of new industries.

Christian Desilets, Faculty of Communication and Innovation, Universite Laval

The Exploitation of Advertising Records and Archives in a Collaborative Model. 

This presentation outlines an advertising archive project currently being conducted at Laval University under the direction of Professors Christian Desîlets and Martine Cardin. They develop an open marketing approach of records and archives management promoting a collaborative effort incorporating user-based design, aimed at providing access to a larger scope of the marketing communication industry archives.

Shannon Perry, Assistant Professor, Queens University and Archivist – Photography, Library and Archives Canada

Archives and Canada’s Business History

Shannon will give her perspectives on the important role of archives and the archivist in maintaining and promoting the study of Canadian business history.  Shannon’s specialties include the history of photography, Canadian photography, preservation and collections management, archival procedures for photography.