The Banking Industry

Two Presentations:

Helen Sinclair, Special Advisor – Deloitte, and Former President – Canadian Bankers Association

150 Years of Canadian Banking Industry – Domestic to Global Growth, and Banking Oversight.

With some trial and error, the banking industry appears to have transitioned from a tightly knit, homogenous Canadian oligopoly to universal banks with diverging strategies on the international stage.  Their common competitive advantages have operated through hands-on supervision, and tough but nuanced domestic regulation and public policy.  Helen’s career spans across many leadership roles in the banking sector.

Robert Wright, Nef Family Chair of Political Economy, Augustana University

Banking System Stability/Fragility: The Roles of Governance and Supervision in Canada and America.

Canada’s banking system was, and remains, more stable than that of the U.S.A. because Canada’s banks are better governed and supervised. Hamiltonian corporate governance and incentive alignment were more important factors than Populism a la Calomiris and Haber’s Fragile by Design (2014).  Robert is the author or (co)author of 19 books on the subject.