Indigenous Business History

Two Presentations:

Brian Gettler, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Market Colonialism and Indigenous Business History in Canada

If historians of colonialism focus on the transfer of lands and resources from Indigenous to settler societies while downplaying or denying positive outcomes associated with the phenomenon, historians of business often emphasize the benefits associated with markets to the neglect of the ways in which political power makes success (im)possible. This presentation briefly surveys the existing historiography on Indigenous business history in Canada while drawing on a number of case studies that suggest novel ways of approaching the question.  Brian’s research centres on First Nations’ political, economic, and social history and the history of Canada (especially Quebec) since the Conquest.

Alison Kemper, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University

Colonization as Commerce: A Business History Research Agenda.

Many of Canada’s most important historical events demand a retelling that connects the business interests of Europeans and the resources controlled by Indigenous peoples.  A better understanding of business history is central to our understanding of Canada. Alison will offer a brief reinterpretation of three such events.  Alison’s research focuses on Business and Society.