The Financial Industry

Three Presentations:

Amy Young, Upside Consulting

The Merger of the Toronto and Montreal Stock Exchanges: A Triumph of Technology Over Politics.

Stock exchanges are strategically important assets for the economies whose assets they list and trade. This is the story of how technology was transforming the industry while public discourse focused on political interests. It contains valuable lessons for the FinTech disruption occurring in financial services today.  Amelia founded Upside Consulting Group, which helps wealth management firms translate strategy into actions that produce results.

Patricia Best, Author

The Trust Companies in Canada’s Business History.

A sector of Canada’s financial industry that came and went, Patricia will present this fascinating story. Author of A Matter of Trust  (1985).

Mark S. Bonham, Massey College

150 Years of The Life Insurance Industry in Canada.

This paper will provide a survey of the developments in the life insurance industry in Canada over the past 150 years. After obtaining his M.Sc (Econ) at the London School of Economics, with a specialization in Capital Markets Theory, Mark founded two of Canada’s largest mutual fund companies. He continues to research and write extensively on the financial industry.